Sound Meditation and Healing Workshop

October 5th 6-7:30pm $30

Sound can bring balance, relaxation, and a sense of wholeness to the mind and body– raising the vibrations of each cell, slowing down the heart rate, respiratory rate, and creating the perfect conditions for physical and emotional healing.


Sound Meditation (also known as a Sound Bath), has proven to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, synchronize brain hemispheres, reduce stress hormones, stimulate endorphins, and relieve pain.


Join Karissa for a full-body listening experience at Hikina Yoga –– guaranteed to benefit anyone looking for physical or emotional healing, or simply wanting to enjoy a moment of relaxation.


** Complimentary lavender eye mask to first 5 registrants! **


A California girl born and raised – Karissa’s been lucky to call Hawaii “home” for most of her adult life. A proud military spouse and mom of 4, she’s found peace and healing through the vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls.


Karissa now helps other women, entrepreneurs, parents, and professionals find their peace through Sound Meditation, Ocean Therapy, and Intuitive Painting workshops.

Hosted By Karissa Holcombe

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