The Rocket is a yoga sequence invented by instructor Larry Schultz. He created the routine while he was on tour as the personal yoga instructor for the Grateful Dead. While traveling with the band, Schultz was always on call but he never really knew when he was going to teach his next class. He spent his free time developing Rocket Yoga modifying what he had learned about Ashtanga from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. 

One day, Bob Weir asked Schultz to make him a manual so he could also practice when he wasn’t around, which inspired Schultz to develop his book. 

The Rocket is a series of postures that combine the various series of the Ashtanga sequences. The meditative flow of Ashtanga yoga provides an invaluable tool for keeping our gaze inward.  Reflecting on something as simple as the breath, the mind transcends to higher states, where the mysteries of power and energy are contemplated.

Schultz went onto build an amazing studio in San Francisco called It’s Yoga and had hundreds of people in his classes. Because of his teachings, people now practice Rocket Yoga all over the world. 

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