Rocket Vinyasa

All Levels

In a Rocket Vinyasa class, the instructor modifies the daily Rocket sequence to fit the class. You can expect to be challenged, but you can also expect to move along familiar paths. The Rocket sequences, practiced regularly, provide opportunities for practitioners to develop a familiarity with the routine so that they can turn more attention inward as they depend less on the teacher’s instructions for guidance.
There are no posted levels with Rocket Vinyasa classes because every yoga class is mixed levels. Everybody is going to encounter challenges in their practice at different points. Expect to move, breathe, fly, float, fall, twist, sweat, work and rest. A surge of power can be quite a shock to the uninitiated, but harnessed properly, it can light up the world.

Aloha Yin

Beginner and Above

Aloha style yin yoga class uses longer holds of postures that stretch connective tissue.  Yin yoga can help bring balance to an ovely yang lifestyle of our modern world.

Vinyasa Flow

All Levels

Vinyasa is a creative sequence designed by the teacher for that yoga class, combining breath, body, and mind.  Class themes and ideas based on season and day of the week.

StarShip Yoga

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Starship Yoga class that is like a ride in a starship deep in space - a moving and breathing meditation that stretches the body completely and allows one to breathe easier and deeper. The teacher leads the students in a practice that awakens one’s being and is designed to empower students to become truly present. Through the uplifting and invigorating teaching style that aims to empower the body and mind and helps each of the students to grow into the true potential of their being. The practice teaches his students to access the powerful benefits of a yoga practice for themselves and through yoga to sharpen the tools of existence – the mind, body and spirit so that they may better connect with their fellow cosmic energy forces. 

Yin Yang Yoga

All Levels

Yin Yang Yoga will warm up your body, build heat in more strength building, powerful energetic poses and wind back down with restorative poses and breathing exercises to re center the body and relax the mind.


All Levels

Hatha Yoga is one of the systems of yoga which includes asana (postures), mantra (sacred sound), mudra (sacred seal), pranayama (breath awareness), dhyana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation). You can expect intelligently designed sequences according to the science of Ayurveda. The pace of the class may vary according to season, time of year, time of day, and environment. All levels are welcome.

Rocket All Levels

All Levels

Rocket Yoga, lovingly referred to as 'The Rocket', is a style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. Rocket Yoga is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice of yoga.

Acro Yoga

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Acro Yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.


There are three primary roles in an Acro Yoga practice: base, flyer, and spotter.

Base - this is the individual who has the most points of contact with the ground. Often this person is lying on the ground with the entire back torso in full contact. This enables both the arms and legs to be "bone-stacked" for maximum stability and support of the Flyer. Main points of contact with the flyer are the feet (generally placed on the Flyer's hips, groin or lower abdomen) and the hands (which either form handholds or grasp the shoulders).


Flyer - this is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the Base. The Flyer can move into a series of dynamic positions, and generally lets gravity do the work for them. A Flyer needs balance, confidence, and core strength.


Spotter - this is the individual who has an objective view of the partners, and whose entire focus is on making sure that the Flyer lands safely in case of any slips. The spotter can also make recommendations to the Base and Flyer to improve their form.


Beginner and Up

Give back to yourself by doing a virtual yoga class on our video screen with the guidance of a teacher.  Community aspect of this class promotes healing and unity.  This is our weekly free class Saturdays at 12:15pm.

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